For the fifth consecutive year, Emobility and Plugin Magazine will organize an international conference about e-mobility. It will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 22nd and 23rd of November. 

E-mobility is the oldest, biggest and most professional conference on topic of e-mobility in wider region.

In five years, many lecturers from Slovenia and abroad have taken a stand at the stage. They came from different regions of e-mobility: from people who create politics, manufacturers of charging infrastructure, automotive infrastructures, people who transform petrol cars to electric, providers
of electricity, users of e-mobility, battery researchers …

This year the conference will take two days.

First day will be dedicated to the bigger picture of e-mobility in Slovenia in Europe now and in the future. International lecturers and panels will present strategies, best cases and lessons learned while implementing e-mobility in different countries.

Day 2 will be dedicated to the consumer: companies or private persons deciding on replacing ICE vehicles with electric ones. The topics will include all the necessary information needed to make an informed decision:

  • Does electric car fill all or most of your needs?
  • How to choose, which are available now and which ones will be in the future
  • How to get subsidies and financing
  • All you need to know about home charging, wallboxes and charging stations for company use, what to look for and which mistakes to avoid
  • Charging on the way: fast chargers, public chargers, cards, apps ...
  • What about electric LGVs and buses?

The second day will conclude with a panel about opportunities for Slovenian businesses in e-mobility - and with a look at other electric modes of transport: scooters, bikes, bicycles...

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